Vantaan Tiukuterttu

We made wooden finishing for balconies throughout the house, entrance roofs and installed Cembrit plates. On the fourth and sixth floors we installed patio tables and on the sixth floor we built the façade tin bases and protruding roof. In … Read More

As Oy Helsingin Ruusunen

We carried out the styrox-foam and forging works for the 1000m2 underground garage floor.

As Oy Niittaajankatu 10

We covered the entire facade of the house with Cembrit plates. We built the entrance roofs, covered them with plywood and Cembrit. We built partitions on the balconies of the first and upper floors and we also installed terrace tables … Read More

Vantaan Purokki

We did the balcony partitioning throughout the house, which included frame construction and installation of Cembrit panel. In addition, we all did woodwork for the bike shed.

Helsingin Kahvitauko

We did the cladding work on the façade throughout the house, installed patio tables on all balconies and built partitions. In addition, we covered the atrium with wooden lining.

Helsingin Arabica

We did all the cladding work on the façade and installed the roof trusses, which we covered with plywood.